Antique Glass Paperweights

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#036RSN - $200 - Unknown Sulphide with 3 Sulphides  Maker unknown, has three sulphides (face, birds on nest, cherub or
                                                                         angel) floating on a mottled cranberry ground. Base unpolished and remains of pontil mark.
                                                                         Condition: good (tiny scratchs, no chips or bruises); Size: 3" dia x 2" high
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#004RSN - $ 100.00 - Czechoslovakian Trumpet Flower - Ca. 1900 - 1925. Five chartruse and maroon trumpet flowers rising out of                                           a maroon and white mottled base.   Pot of coarse chips.  Bottom flat and polished.  Size:  3 1/4" dia x 3 5/8" high.   
Condition: excellent, not chips, bruises or other defects noted.

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